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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Scientific Evidence For God

This blog entry will give scientific evidences for God and it will explain why God creating this universe is the most logical and likely scenario rather than the atheist theory which is irrational and illogical. To begin, this blog shall discuss the origin of the universe.

According to science, The Big Bang theory best explains the origin of our universe more than any other theory. The theory proposes that the universe had a beginning and is not eternal. It also says that before the beginning of the universe there was nothing (this means no time, no space and no sound) and then the universe came to be somehow. The theory says that after the energy and matter that make up our universe came forth, they were concentrated in a tiny point. From this tiny point, everything expanded and galaxies were eventually created.

Evidence for The Big Bang theory is plenty and we can even observe galaxies moving away from each other which supports the idea that the universe is expanding. Cosmic Microwave Radiation also furthers supports The Big Bang theory. The glow of the Cosmic Microwave Radiation is found throughout the universe and is thought to be the remnant of light leftover from the big bang itself. The expansion of the universe shows that the universe came from somewhere and did not always exist.

The problem that scientists face are questions like "where did all this matter and energy come from?" Scientists have found no answers and while many theories exist, none have been proven. Many atheists propose that quantum fluctuations led to matter and energy being created. In other words they propose that something came from nothing. Their theory is wrong and here's why:

Atheists say the particles which led to the birth of our universe came forth from the so called vacuum. According to quantum mechanics however, the vacuum is not empty. Space-time supposedly doesn't exist in the vacuum but there's energy in it and therefore it's not nothing but rather something.

Further more 0+0 = 0. Mathematically getting something from nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.

Logic says something must have been responsible for the creation of our universe because you don't get something from nothing. Science says our universe had a beginning and we can observe this. The reasonable conclusion is that there was an energy before the universe existed which was responsible for the birth of the universe. Since space-time didn't exist before the universe, this would mean that this energy is timeless and that it doesn't apply to any laws.

So what was this energy? Two conclusions can be made here. One can conclude that it's a lifeless and chaotic energy source or that it's an intelligent force (God). The second theory is the more logical one considering the order and complexity we observe within this universe.

For example the universe is governed by laws which act like a system. Four forces (Gravity, Electromagnetic, Weak Force, Strong Force) also govern our universe and science have found these four forces to be so finely tuned that all the evidence points to an intelligent mind being behind the creation of the universe. If the intensities of any of these constants were changed (even by the slightest) our universe would be a different place and likely inhospitable.

For example if the strong nuclear force was 0.3% stronger, this would make life impossible. If the strong nuclear force was slightly weaker, life would be impossible because protons and neutrons would not stick together. Only one element - hydrogen - would exist in the universe.

If the gravitational force were stronger, then stars would become too hot and would burn up too quickly. If the gravitational force were weaker then stars would remain cool which means that nuclear fusion would never take place which means that there wouldn't be heavy element production. The narrowly defined initial conditions of our universe were also vital to its continued existence after The Big Bang. Gravity - for example - wasn't too strong as to make the universe collapse during this time and allowed everything to expand steadily in all directions. Neutrons are and must be 0.138% more massive than protons. If neutrons were an additional 0.1% more massive, there would not be enough of them to make the nuclei of all the heavy elements essential for life. If neutrons were 0.1% less massive, protons would more rapidly decay into neutrons and all the stars in the universe would have collapsed.

There are further examples of these things and they are testament to the fact that this universe is ordered. Most physicists and cosmologists agree that the universe has been finely tuned. The universe is in a state of equilibrium and such balance and design points to an intelligent creator rather than to a chaotic energy that produced the universe by accident. Chaotic forces never produce design or order and we can observe this in nature. Tornadoes for example only destroy. To claim that the universe is the result of an accident is ignoring the evidence. To claim that the universe is the result of an accident is to rely on coincidences happening on a large scale and therefore that's having blind faith. Having coincidences happen on a large scale is unlikely. The logic scenario is that the creator is an intelligent being.

Further evidence of God can be observed within DNA. DNA has four bases which are ATCG  (Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine). A pairs with T and C pairs with G. The amount of A is equal to T and the amount of C is equal to G. Every living creature has DNA with the same structure and yet every living creature has unique DNA. Uniformity such as this is only likely to arise from an intelligent mind rather than a huge scale accident. All the evidences point towards an intelligent being existing and creating this universe and everything within it.

Proof that this god is the god of The Bible is that there are plenty of archaeological evidences supporting events in The Bible and there are historical books outside of The Bible mentioning Jesus. For example, the Shishaq Relief, Tel Dan Stele, Seal of Jehucal, Black Obelisk of Shalmaneser III, Balaam inscription, Siloam inscription, Babylonian Chronicles, Taylor Prism, Cylinder of Cyrus, Cylinder of Nabonidus and the Dead Sea Scrolls are just some of the records and objects which mention events, people and places that The Bible does as well. Tacitus and Flavius Josephus both mention Jesus. Meanwhile the correspondence between Pliny the Younger and the Roman Emperor Trajan gives historical evidence to the early Christian church and Christian persecution in Rome agreeing with the New Testament's account of things.

There are many Biblical Prophecies that have been fulfilled which validate The Bible as a divinely inspired book. The prophet Daniel proclaimed that the messiah would arise 483 years are the issuing of a decree to rebuild Jerusalem and that the messiah would be killed and that all of this would happen before the second destruction of Jerusalem. Daniel 9:25-26

All of this happened to the letter.

Meanwhile Jeremiah (Jeremiah 49:15-20) correctly predicted that Edom would become a desolate wasteland. Edom is still a wasteland today. King David described the death and crucifixion of Jesus in Psalm 22. Keep in mind that crucifixion had not been invented at this time once again proving the accuracy of The Bible as a divinely inspired book. All of these evidences point towards The Bible being accurate and  therefore it's most likely accurate about God being the creator of the universe since it appears accurate everywhere else.

So there you have it. Atheism has been debunked and God has been scientifically proven with evidence. Logic agrees with the theist and not with the atheist. Atheism is a illogical theory which no evidence supports.  The belief that nothing produces something is completely ludicrous and defies everything that is common sense. Also if nothing can produce something then perhaps God was produced the same way. I don't believe this though and the above entry has already given evidence that God is timeless and had no beginning (in case you missed it, space and time were created with this universe and therefore whatever existed before the universe would be timeless and would not apply to the laws of this universe. The theory of relativity states that space-time are relative and was created with The Big Bang). The very fact that atheists are only willingly to accept nothing creating something however shows that they are bias and simply closed-minded. Atheists aren't opened minded like they claim to be and they aren't real free-thinkers either.



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